After Cataract Surgery Dilated Pupil: How Long Does It Last?

My pupil is still dilated 3 days after cataract surgery, is this normal?

Your pupil can remain dilated (enlarged size) for several days after cataract surgery because of the dilating drops that were used during your procedure. It's not unusual to be sensitive to light, have blurred vision, or notice halos around lights because of this dilation. The pupil should return to its normal size after a few days.

  dilated pupil after cataract surgery 

Permanently, Fixed Pupil That Remains Dilated After Cataract Surgery

Some patients are put on stronger dilating drops like Atropine, Homatropine, or Scoplamine before cataract surgery which can result in a longer period of time for the pupil to return to its normal size.

Other patients may have had their pupil stretched during the operation and this may result in an irregular or persistently dilated pupil.

If you are having persistent dilation of your pupil that lasts more than 3-4 days you should talk to your eye doctor to find out what may be causing this condition.