Can You Fly After Cataract Surgery?

Flying Restrictions Following Cataract Operation

The question of how soon you can fly post cataract surgery often comes up and the answer is: as soon as you want or need to according to most ophthalmologists.

Changes in altitude are not harmful to the eye after routine cataract surgery, but following other eye surgeries it may be (for example if an air or gas bubble was used as in some retinal surgeries.)

Air or gas may be injected into the eye during retinal surgery and this could expand inside the eye at high altitude which can cause pain and complications. But no air or gas is used during cataract surgery and therefore you should not have any problems.

   flying restrictions following cataract surgery

Flying in an airplane after a cataract procedure does not make your eye pressure go up or down or worsen glaucoma,  and should not have any effect on the healing process. However, the air is drier in an airplane cabin and this may make your eyes feel more dry so using artificial tears may be helpful.

Most eye doctors will want to examine their patients the day after cataract surgery is performed to make sure that everything is okay and to rule out any signs of infection or abnormal eye pressure.

Of course if you have any questions about your particular situation you should ask your own eye doctor if they are comfortable with your air travel after cataract surgery.