Close Up Vision Is Worse After Cataract Surgery - Why?

I used to be able to read without glasses before cataract surgery, but now that my cataracts have been removed I can't read anything without reading glasses. What is causing this?

You most likely were near sighted (myopic) before your surgery, this would explain your ability to see up close without reading glasses. After a cataract is removed a prescription lens implant (intraocular lens implant or IOL) is placed inside your eye.

   close up vision after cataract surgery

There are many lens implant choices available today.  Both eyes can be set for distance where you would need to wear reading glasses only, both eyes can be set for near where you need to wear distance glasses only, or you can have one eye for distance and one eye for near, this is called monovision.

In addition toric lens implants can correct the astigmatism in your prescription and multifocal or bifocal lens implants can be used where you may not need to wear any glasses at all after surgery.

You should have a discussion with your cataract surgeon before surgery about the type of lens implant that will be used or was used in your case.