Eye Feels Like It Wants To Close All The Time: Why?

If it feels like your eye wants to close it could be due to several conditions. The most common causes are dry eyes or blepharitis (eyelid inflammation). Other possible causes include blepharospasm (eyelid twitching), conjuctivitis (eye infection), a foreign body in the eye, ptosis (droopy eyelid) or other eye surface irritation from the eyelashes, lids, cornea, sclera, episclera, or conjunctiva.

   eyelid surgery

An effective and easy treatment is to use artificial tears for dry eyes, or eyelid cleaning with ocusoft lid pads along with warm compresses for blepharitis.

If your symptoms do not get better by using these treatments then you should see an eye doctor for a complete exam to find out exactly what is causing you to feel like your eyelid wants to close all of the time.