It Feels Like There's A Boulder Under My Eyelid

Why does it feel like I have a boulder stuck underneath my eyelid?

If you have the sensation of something stuck under your eyelid it could actually be a foreign body such as a particle of dust, dirt, plastic, metal or any other piece of debris. Other causes of a foreign body sensation in the eye include surface problems such as dry eyes, a corneal abrasion or infection, or other irritation from the eyelids, eyelashes, sclera, episclera, or conjunctiva.

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You can try using artificial tears for dry eyes and to rinse material off of the surface of your eye or clean your eyelids using ocusoft lid pads and warm compresses.

If your symptoms do not respond to these treatments then you need to see an eye doctor for a complete eye exam to see what condition is causing you to feel like there is a boulder under your eyelid.