Recovery of Vision After Cataract Surgery - How Long Will It Take?

How long does it take to recover your vision after cataract surgery?

Recovering vision after cataract surgery can take just a few days to weeks in most cases when the surgery was performed without any complications or problems. In other cases, healing time can be delayed and can take several months to recover clear vision.

   recovery of vision after cataract surgery

It typically takes three to four weeks for your vision to be stable enough to check for an eyeglass prescription after cataract surgery.

Causes of delayed recovery of vision after cataract surgery include:
1. pre-existing eye conditions (retinal, corneal, or optic nerve problems)
2. corneal edema or macular edema (swelling which can delay healing)
3. surgical complications
4. uncorrected refractive error (need to wear glasses)
5. posterior capsule opacification (a cloudy film behind the lens implant which can be easily cleared with a YAG laser after cataract surgery)

You should have a discussion with your surgeon if you are concerned about the recovery of your vision after cataract surgery.