Red, Pink, Blue, and Purple Color Vision After Cataract Surgery

I recently had cataract surgery and now everything seems to have changed in terms of the way colors look. Why is my color vision different now?

It is possible to have red or pink colored vision after cataract surgery. This is due to the bright light from the operating microscope which can make you see a red after image. After seeing things with a reddish hue, you can see things pink, then gray and eventually back to normal after a few days or weeks.

   red, pink, blue, purple color vision after cataract surgery

Other people describe seeing things with a blue or purple tint after cataract surgery. This is due to the fact that cataracts can block blue light and after they are removed, blue objects appear to have a more intense blue tint.

White colored objects can also seem to have a blue or pink tint to them. This typically gets back to a normal color vision appearance after several weeks or months go by.

If you are concerned about your color vision after cataract surgery you should see your eye doctor to discuss your questions.