Scratchiness A Week After Cataract Surgery

I feel scratchiness a week after cataract surgery in my eye, is this normal? What is causing the scratchy feeling in my eye?

Why do I have this scratchy feeling in my eye after cataract surgery?

Dry eye syndrome is very common after cataract surgery and is one of the leading causes of scratchiness in the eye after the procedure. You may find it helpful to use artificial tears several times a day until the sensation goes away.

The incision for cataract surgery that your surgeon made is often located on the surface of the eye just underneath your eyelid and that can make you feel like something is still in the eye after your surgery. The use of artificial tears is recommended by most doctors to help relieve the foreign body sensation in your eye.

Sometimes your eye doctor will place a stitch in your eye to make sure it is watertight at the end of the surgery. Don't forget to ask your ophthalmologist if they had to use any stitches during the procedure.

cataract surgery incision scratchy