Seeing An Ink Spot After Cataract Surgery

I am seeing a dark ink spot floating to the side of my vision since I had cataract surgery last month, what is causing this and will it go away?

Why am I seeing an ink spot in my vision after cataract surgery?

Seeing colored ink spots floating in your vision after cataract surgery may be the result of the vitreous gel pulling away from the retina in the back of your eye. This is common after cataract surgery and is usually harmless. After cataract surgery this gel is more likely to break into tiny clumps which float in your eye.

If you see flashes of light along with your dark spot it may be a sign of a retinal tear or detachment. It's important to be seen by your eye doctor right away so they your retina can be checked for a tear.

Floaters after cataract surgery can be annoying and may seem to block your vision. Many times, patients learn to forget about  them as time goes on and only in rare circumstances are they so irritating that they require surgery to remove them.

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