Small Pupil Size After Cataract Surgery: What Is The Cause?

My pupil is still small 6 days after my cataract surgery. The pupil is smaller than the eye that did not have surgery. What could be causing this?

After cataract surgery the pupil is usually dilated slightly as a result of the drops that were used during the procedure. However, some surgeons use a solution called miostat or miochol at the end of the surgery in order to constrict the pupil to a small size.

They may do this in order to keep the lens implant in place until it heals. This medication usually wears off after several days and your pupil should go back to its normal size.


  small pupil size after cataract surgery 

If your pupil is small after cataract surgery this may make things appear dim out of that eye due to the fact that less light is getting into the eye. You could have difficulty with vision in
dim light and trouble seeing at night.

There are other rarer causes of a small pupil after cataract surgery, including a condition called Horner's syndrome.

If you have any concerns about a smaller than normal pupil after cataract surgery then you need to ask your eye doctor.