Uneven Vision After Cataract Surgery -When Will It Clear Up?

Why does it feel like my eyes are uneven after cataract surgery? It feels like one eye is pulling the other.

One of the most likely causes of uneven vision after cataract surgery is a difference in the prescription between the two eyes. Your eyeglass prescription can typically be checked 3 to 4 weeks after your cataract surgery when your vision should be stable.

   uneven vision after cataract surgery

Another factor that can make your eyes feel uneven is if you've only had one cataract removed but you still have a cataract in the other eye.You may not only have a different prescription between your two eyes, but the eye that still has a cataract can make colors seem yellow, dull, or brown compared to the clear, white vision you have in the eye where the cataract was removed.

Other causes of uneven vision after cataract surgery include:
- swelling in the cornea or macula
- pre-existing eye conditions such as corneal, optic nerve, or retinal problems
- posterior capsule opacification, which is a cloudy film behind the lens implant

You should discuss your uneven vision after cataract surgery with your eye doctor to find out exactly what is causing your symptoms and what can be done about it.