When should you start putting zymaxid 0.5 eye drops in after cataract surgery?

The answer depends on what your eye surgeon feels is appropriate, but for most postoperative eye patients, zymaxid is usually started the day of your cataract surgery or the day after your procedure.

   zymaxid before cataract surgery
Zymaxid is one of the most commonly prescribed antibiotic eye drops used by ophthalmologists to prevent an infection after your cataract procedure.

Zymaxid also goes by the name of gatifloxacin, which is the generic version. It along with a closely related drop named zymar are used to help treat bacterial conjunctivitis, sometimes called pink eye.

Pink eye after cataract surgery is quite rare, but most eye doctors feel that it's best to use an antibiotic eye drop like zymaxid to help treat any post op infection. Side effects are rare, but some patients do experience burning with these drops after cataract surgery. You will need a prescription for this eye drop because it is not available over the counter.

The cost of zymaxid eyedrops varies from pharmacy to pharmacy so it's a good idea to call several walgreens or cvs stores and compare prices before you buy. Without proper insurance it can be quite expensive. Read more about a generic version of zymaxid eye drops.